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About Us

We strive to contribute, one child at a time, by providing child care services that nurture not only a child's mind but heart as well by modeling kindness, compassion and mindfulness.

Our Mission

At Tibetan Nanny, we believe children thrive and reach their fullest potential when they are guided by kindness, patience and compassion. These beliefs and principles have guided Tibetan families and communities for centuries and we believe they can help all children flourish, regardless of their age or community.


We are committed to helping connect New York families with caregivers who will create nurturing environments that foster social and emotional - as well as intellectual - growth. We screen not only for caregiving skills and safety training, but for compassion and kindness as well, and train all our caregivers in mindfulness practices.

Our Story

We grew up in a Tibetan community where we were taught that a good life consists in extending kindness and generosity to our families, our community and our planet. When we moved to New York we were struck by how New York’s driving, fast-paced and competitive lifestyle can affect the rhythms of children’s daily lives and emotional wellbeing. We wanted to provide an alternative and so Tibetan Nanny was born.

Because caregivers have such an important role to play in providing an environment and relationship that helps children grow at their own pace, develop a deep sense of security and thrive, we decided to create a way for New York parents to connect with caregivers who are wholly committed to contributing to each child’s sense of emotional security
and resiliency.

By tapping the rich community of Tibetan caregivers in the New York City area, we are able to screen for caregivers who are not only skilled and experienced in childcare best practices but have the inner qualities that will positively shape a child’s emotional and psychological growth and help provide them with a secure foundation for the future.

Our Team

Our team consists of caregivers, safety experts, social entrepreneurs and business mentors.

Kalsang Phuntsok


Entrepreneur, studied social entrepreneurship at Stanford University. Passionate about bringing impact in the community through social enterprise innovation, former executive of Tibetan Chamber of Commerce. 


Tsamchoe Dolma
Vice Pesident

Master of Arts from DAV college, India.  Teacher and Special educator.

Former G.Sec of RTWA, Dehradun.

Strong desire to help people in need and believe in saying

"Unity is strength".


Tsering Youdon
General Secretary

Alumini of Central School of Tibetans Mundgod. Nanny by profession for 14 years . American red cross CPR, First Aid & AED certified


Tsering Youdon


Professional Nanny and Housekeeper.

Strong believer in nurturing a value of genourisity, kindness and compassion in children. Passionate in helping other 


Lhundup Dolma

  Joint Treasurer

Highly experienced, professional and compassionate Nanny. Skilled loom weaver and owns a business of handmade traditional costumes.

Our Inspiration

Nying je is a Tibetan word for compassion that has a wealth of deeper meaning.

Literally it means, “The empathetic inability to bear the sight of another’s suffering.”

Nying je signifies a thoughtful feeling of connection with others based on empathy as well as love, affection, kindness,

generosity of spirit and warm heartedness .

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