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The parent-child connection is the single most important a child will ever have and creates a blueprint for all other relationships in your child’s future. But how do you guarantee that the caregivers that you rely on when you cannot be with your child are reinforcing your values as a loving parent? How can you be sure they are giving your children their full attention, expressing affection and guiding them emotionally with empathy and skill?

We are parents too, so we asked ourselves those questions and did some research. We found that recent advances in neuroscience have helped bringing new clarity and understanding in early childhood development. We now know that a brain development hinges on the complex interplay between the genes a person is born with and the experience they have after birth. This reinforces the idea that the quality of an infant’s relationship with his primary caregivers has a significant impact on the architecture of the brain and the way it is wired. We also know that, for healthy brain development children do not have to be hyper-stimulated or prepped for university by the time they are 5 years old .What will help them the most are reliable, nurturing and positive relationships that help foster their social, emotional and intellectual growth, creating strong foundation for their future. That is the reason we believe so strongly in the mission of Tibetan Nanny.

Our Nannies and caregivers are selected, not based on the college degrees they have, but on the degree of compassion, empathy and support they will bring to helping you raise and nurture your child. We also train our caregivers in Mindfulness to enhance their calm, supportive focus on your child as well as advanced childcare skills and safety.

We believe that emotional intelligence is a very smart thing to nurture in a child so we look for supportive, empathetic caregivers who can do just that!

We believe smart means more emotional intelligence.

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